Food Trends: Local Fine Brands Wanted, DR Congo

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | March 7, 2018
choix nadine mabiola gaincko

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Nadine Mabiola, the founder and CEO of the Kinshasa, DR Congo based food brand Le Choix de Nadine for an extensive interview. No holds barred: we travelled across her three professional careers, across three continents, and went through the multiple booms and busts that marked her entrepreneurial journey. An extract of the interview is to feature in my upcoming article on Medium.

Le Choix de Nadine is a gourmet food company that’s growing steadily. Currently consisting of three product lines, it sources and produces everything, but the locally with a true lifelong passion for eating-well and eating-healthy. Also, it has recently acquired solid support from international investors. So it may well be soon available outside of DR Congo, where it is available at select eateries, fine bakeries and upscale supermarkets. As I am writing this, local consumers want more and more local food brands and are willing to spend more on products that meet international quality standards. That’s precisely what Le Choix de Nadine has become.

I randomly discovered Le Choix de Nadine at a supermarket in a middle-class neighbourhood in Kinshasa. I bought two jars of fruit jam, travelled with them to Europe, and delighted guests at tea time. They couldn’t believe it was coming from a country never associated with high quality food.

choix nadine mabiola gaincko


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