Exploring Urban Conversations, Nairobi Kenya

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | April 1, 2019
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How Confident are Young Africans about 2017

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | January 17, 2017
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70% of Africa’s population is less than 30 years old: this is the youngest continent! More than 50% of all Africans over the age of 15 own at least one mobile phone. 75% of Africans don’t have a bank account. 75% use internet every single day.

The young and urban is part of most of The African Consumer Trends 2017 that I present at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam the Netherlands this Friday 20 of January for the Southern African Chamber of Commerce (SANEC) and the Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC).

A trend I discuss is the Post Call Era where Africans want to maximize their cells, use it for so many things beyond just calls. This opens great opportunities for local and global innovators, investors, product designers and project managers.

From Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya to Ethiopia, DR Congo, South Africa, I take you into my field explorations and in-depth analyses of how Africans feel, what they want, how they spend.
I provide real-world examples, keys to opportunities and exclusive insights.

More event info: www.sanec.nl

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What African Millennials Want: an Interview (2/2)

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | April 7, 2016
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Sinqobile Zwanes is a fresh graduate in electrical engineering. He leaves in Berea, Johannesburg.

Patrick Gaincko: Do you shop online?
Sinqobile Zwanes: I tend to prefer physical stores. I go to malls, I shop in Johannesburg. In reality, I am not familiar with online shopping…maybe it’s expensive…

Patrick Gaincko: Do you have a preference: malls or speciality stores?
Sinqobile Zwanes: It doesn’t matter really. I do malls and individual, speciality stores. I look for good quality, best prices, I shop on a budget.

Patrick Gaincko: Do you have a preferred time for shopping?
Sinqobile Zwanes: I just go whenever I feel like shopping. Also I don’t prepare, I just go around, whatever I like, I take it.

Patrick Gaincko: How would you define your style?
Sinqobile Zwanes: I go for comfort as opposed to be fashionable. Here fashion changes every day, every day comes with new styles, new inspirations, new ideas, and you always want to try new things. Here clothes define who you are, some use them to be accepted, I dress to express myself. All in all, it’s all about comfort.

Patrick Gaincko: What are your influences?
Sinqobile Zwanes: Inspiration is everywhere. It’s a combination of different styles. I look at people. I don’t follow ads, I don’t look at brand ambassadors, I create my own thing.

Patrick Gainko: When you say you look at people, do you go through looks or profiles on social media?
Sinqobile Zwanes: I never use them. It’s in the streets where everything happens.

Patrick Gaincko: And when you say you don’t look at ads, how then do you keep updated with new brands, new models?
Sinqobile Zwanes: Most of my clothes are not branded. There is just a handful of brands that I trust. They are the ones that fit what’s most important for me: quality. I don’t want to buy something and come to regret it two months later. I look at durability. So that’s why I look at quality and diversity in my wardrobe. I have lots of clothes, so that I can compose, try, experiment, be spontaneous, be creative with my outfits.

Patrick Gaincko: At the moment, what are your favourite shopping destinations?
SinqobileZwanes: One, it’s Menlyn in Pretoria, two, Sandton City, three, Eastgate Mall. I also like the Rosebank Mall.

Patrick Gaincko: So you travel all the way to Pretoria for shopping!
Sinqobile Zwanes: Sometimes I go there twice in a month! It’s huge! It’s crazy! I can spend the entire day there. I like the idea of having a large choice. There are too many shops, exclusive stuffs, the best of everything.

Patrick Gaincko: Do you do the trip with friends?
Sinqobile Zwanes: I always shop alone. I take my time. I know what I want. I like to enjoy to whole thing.


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What African Millennials Want: an Interview (1/2)

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | March 7, 2016
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I met Laura Nkondi and her cousin, Kendra, near the Shoprite supermarket, in Gombe, Kinshasa. The interview was conducted early February 2016.

Patrick Gaincko: Prior to shopping, do you use internet?

Laura Nkondi: Yes, I visit instagram mostly. I follow various shopping agents, especially one who travels to Belgium and returns to Kinshasa with orders made by customers. I also visit European online stores. It’s mostly for inspiration. I do my shopping here and there.

Patrick Gaincko: Precisely where do you go for shopping?

Laura Nkondi: It really depends. I change destinations a lot. Sometimes I order stuffs via my sisters who live in the UK. Sometimes I use shopping agents, even though they can be expensive and do limited discounts. There is a handful of multi-brand stores downtown, but price-wise, service-wise, they suck. I like public markets, like Le Marché Central: you can find real brands there, like H&M. You can bargain and get great deals.

Patrick Gaincko: So what’s your favourite destination for getting what you want, when you want it?

Laura Nkondi: I look for printed fabrics and styles on google, facebook, etc. Then either I draw a model or I choose a model, and I show it to the tailor. He then makes a dress, a skirt, a top, according to my instructions and ideas. I stick to this pattern for special occasions like the Women’s Day on March 8.

Tailors are really the best destination when it comes to dressing well. You can be demanding, you are guaranteed service and quality.

Patrick Gaincko: Are you loyal to a brand?

Laura Nkondi: I like Woodin. They do print fabrics, dresses, skirts, suits, etc. They have original ideas, extravagant looks. I can do lots of things with their prints. I also like to mix up styles and customize. I try to be as much original as possible.

Patrick Gaincko: What are your influences?

Laura Nkondi: I am pretty much my own influencer. Sometimes I need Kendra’s advice, she is my cousin and best friend. I am afraid of finding something cool when I see it but then having another impression with time passing.

I use my cellphone most of the time for getting inspiration, but I also find myself taking notes when watching European fashion TV programs.

Patrick Gaincko: How you spend your budget?

Laura Nkondi: First it’s clothing, then it’s make-up.

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Millennials: What the Most Difficult Consumers Want

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | February 10, 2016
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Today I have released the article “Millennials: What the Most Difficult Consumers Want” on linkedin. It takes my research about Millennials shopping in greater scope, depth and breadth. An introduction to this topic was the four-part series “What’s the Colour of Confidence” a few weeks ago.

Millennials are the generation of people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s. They are the most powerful economic force in Africa. Estimated at roughly 420 million or over 35% of the population, they are trendsetters, makers of reputations, disruptors of shopping patterns, influencers of all other generations. No trust in advertising. They break the rules.

Retailers and marketers compete for their attention and a share of their wallets.

The new piece is: 7 shopping trends and habits, around 50 interviews, 4 months on the field, 3 very different mega-cities, and various recommendations that retailers and marketers of all sizes can implement today as part of their customer engagement and customer experience strategies.

Visit linkedin, read the article, connect with my profile. Most importantly continue to visit gainxperience.com and leave your comment on articles, photos, anything. It’s much appreciated.


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The After Mall Experience, Rosebank, Johannesburg

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | October 28, 2015
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