I Talked to 89 Range Rover Owners in Africa: The Lessons

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | October 29, 2016
range rover african consumer patrick gaincko

Africa is Rover’s land. That’s one of the conclusions of my twelve-month investigation on the success of Range Rover across the Continent, from Johannesburg and Nairobi to Kinshasa and Marrakech. A section on this website called ‘Beyond the Drive’ gives a glimpse of my encounters and interviews with Rover drivers. They candidly talked about their choice, experience, loyalty, car-related expenses. A few of them own several Range models, others just stick to one model, the Defender.

What makes Range Rover so successful with Africans? What lessons can be learned? To complete the research, I needed to go inside the product. So like my previous product trials – the coffee beans Starbucks Reserve Eastern DR Congo Lake Kivu, the water purifier Tata Swach – I did a test-driving of the new model Evoque Convertible, just days before it lands at Rover dealerships in Africa.

Evoque Convertible belongs to the tight family of the ‘beyond products’. It addresses needs you didn’t know you had, it answers questions that you are yet to ask. Beyond needs, beyond expectations. How do you go about exceeding expectations in products, in relationships, in life?

I’m suggesting ideas in my upcoming newsletter. Among the topics featuring in the newsletter are:

  • Travelling in Africa. It is a contentious topic to say the least. I am bringing you inside my personal experience as an everyday traveller through airline services, duty free shopping, hotel discoveries, and explorations of some of Africa’s best secrets.
  • Brands x Africa That Must Be On Your Wishlist. High quality brands and products inspired by-, made in-, available to- Africa are gaining greater exposure and prominence across the world. It is a wide array spanning furniture, food, fashion, tech, eyewear and more. Let’s see what I have selected.

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range rover african consumer


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