Experiencing the African Games 2015, Brazzaville

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | September 7, 2015
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How Do You Advertise Beer in Pointe Noire: Primus

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | September 2, 2015
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BRAND Primus

OWNER The Heineken Group (Netherlands)


Main: “Start the conversation” (from Lingala, “Fongola Masolo”)

Secondary: “Our Time” (from Lingala “Tango na biso”)

Secondary: “Our Beer” (from Lingala “Biere na biso”)


This advert is placed on the side of Avenue Raymond Paillet, one of the main roads in Pointe Noire, Congo’s second largest city and economic hub. The artery serves as a gateway to the city for the traffic originating from northern suburbs and most importantly from Brazzaville, Congo’s capital.


The beer Primus is the most popular beer in the Republic of Congo (also called Congo Brazzaville) as well as in the neighbouring DRC (“Congo Kinshasa”). Originally produced in Belgium, the former colonial power in DRC (former Belgian Congo), owned by the giant brewer Heineken, it entered the country in 1923 and has been the market leader ever since. The Heineken Group is one of the very few comp…

The Travellers Who Want Airports To Be Not Just Airports

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | August 7, 2015
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A sizeable number of medium- and large scale airports with a coastal or central geography in Africa claim to be the “gateway” to the Continent. In reality, very few can match the magnetism of Addis Ababa International Airport (ADD) or Cairo International Airport (CAI). They are truly the places where Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia converge in a frenetic fashion, with huge passenger numbers. To many aviation industry observers and insiders, these airports’ inexorable transformation comes out sometimes as a surprise.

In recent years, at several African airports, the passenger traffic not only grew at a faster rate but also shifted to a certain degree of sophistication. The massive Chinese contingent no longer comprises solely of male construction workers. Its ranks now also count investors, government officials, mid- and senior level professionals in consumer goods, retail, infrastructure, transport, energy and mining sectors. Couples are also coming.