Trends Watch: Natural Hair are Entering the Workplace

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | December 8, 2017
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As I’m Mentoring at the Global Entrepreneurship Week

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | December 3, 2017
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Inside My Mentorship at the Women Entrepreneurs Day

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | November 24, 2017
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How to Do the Most with Less in Africa: Radisson Blu

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | November 13, 2017
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“I am launching Inspiring Expeditions to go where people haven’t been before or go differently (..) I’m zeroing in on seeing unusual things and unusual animals while we still have them” said Geoffrey Kent to the New York Times recently. As the founder and CEO of the luxury tour company Abercrombie & Kent (350 tours in more than 100 countries), Mr Kent has accompanied Prince Charles in Oman, designed a China trip for Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and experimented with space travel. When it came to list the very few unique places he is yet to see, the insatiable explorer said, “the Congo”.

The Republic of the Congo is widely regarded as one of Africa’s greatest gems thanks to its pristine, untouched, lush nature. As home to the world’s second largest rainforest and to some of the last populations of gorillas and elephants, the Congo is a recurrent, magnetic feature in Western popular culture from Hollywood movies to literature and comics.

Yet, for all its pure natural magnificence and its mythical status, the Congo is one the world’s least visited countries. In 2010 and 2014 the country has received as low as 194,000 and 224,000 international tourists respectively.

On the back of steady economic growth in the early 2000’s, the Congo became a rising platform for foreign investors and international events. Subsequently, the capital city Brazzaville has seen an acceleration in the construction of luxury hotels, including global brands such as Radisson Blu and Kempinski (opening soon).

But today, hit hard by the slump in the prices of oil (which represents 65 percent of Congo’s GDP), the country is in a severe economic recession. According to Unicongo, a local trade association, the occupancy rate at hotels is only 25-35 percent in 2017.

In such a dire situation, with many challenges and unknowns, how does a big-brand hotel make the most of their investment? More broadly, how risky is it to enter and operate in an untapped, unequipped, underserved market?

To find out, I have field-researched in the Congo, visited various hotspots, interviewed several tourists, and investigated inside the Radisson Blu Brazzaville. CONTINUE READING HERE.


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What’s Empowering Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Africa

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | November 10, 2017
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Did you know that serious opportunities emerged from the current complex times across Africa? What are they? How to identify, seize and maximize them?

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be speaking and mentoring at the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Pointe Noire Congo in November 2017.
Filled with high energy and focus, packed with projects and ideas, this platform takes place simultaneously in 170 countries every year.

On Nov 15, I do the Women Entrepreneurs Day, then on Nov 17, I talk in an agri-business conference. All the action takes place at the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Pointe Noire, the Congo’s economic pulse.

After Nigeria in July-August 2017, these Congo dates represent a new opportunity to empower talents, entrepreneurs and leaders. I’ll be delivering actionable insights and concrete examples, sharing true ideas and concrete solutions, and fostering networking.

As I’m writing this, I’m readying the packages that I’ll surprise and delight workshop participants with. The packs are filled with goodies from my partners Makari de Suisse, Mastercard, Radisson Blu, Heineken, and Bosch Car Services. All are huge investors in innovation and job creation.
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Why Africans Don’t Spend at Malls: Three Reasons

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | August 24, 2017
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Kenya will have 72 malls and Morocco about 40 in just a few years! If there are just a handful of places on earth, where malls are set for growth, then Africa is among them.

In what many observers call the “mall craze”, almost every capital city has or will have numerous of mega-malls and secondary cities are now planning to host malls.

The African consumer story is too big to miss: galvanized by Africa’s macro-economics, brands, retailers and developers favour a build-first-ask-questions-later approach.

There is just one problem: where are the shoppers?

A finding of my field-research in South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, and DR Congo, is that there are at least three reasons why Africans don’t fall in love with huge shiny malls at every corner.

Read my new piece ‘3 Reasons Why Africans Don’t Spend at Malls: a Lesson for Winning Consumers’ here.


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What’s a Chinese Life in Africa (2)

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | August 12, 2017
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