How Do You Advertise Cheese in Casa: La Vache Qui Rit

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | November 18, 2015


The Laughing Cow (“La Vache Qui Rit”)


Groupe Bel


Main: “Also feed their minds so that they awaken” (from French: “Nourrir aussi leurs têtes pour qu’ils s’éveillent”)

Secondary: “New formula enriched with zinc” (from French: “Nouvelle formule enrichie au zinc”)


At the crossroad between Boulevard Anfa and Rue Addamir El Kabir, in the Gauthier neighbourhood, which is home to a renowned high school (Lycée Lyautey) and various public schools. Boulevard Anfa is a top 5 artery in Casablanca with non-stop heavy traffic, Gauthier is a busy, mixed-use, middle- and upper class district.


The colours are a bit washed up, a dead palm tree entered the frame: this wall-sized, outdoor advert has been there for a while. Nevertheless, thanks to its can’t-miss location and grand format, it is getting great visibility and making strong impact.

Two factories of the Groupe Bel, one in Casablanca, another in Tangiers, produce the Laughing Cow in Morocco. The product enjoys a staple status in Moroccans’ food habits. As such it no longer needs to say what it is: is it cheese? To consumers, The Laughing Cow is a category of its own and cheese is a separate product category.

And yet, the advert is not about asserting the brand’s leadership. It is of the informative type, using scientific arguments to demonstrate the benefits of a new recipe. The message to the targeted audience (the families) is that the brand continues to invest in innovation.

Playing the traditional family values card not only powerfully resonates in the local culture, but it also comes with the advantage that it is applicable to a diversity of situations, in time and space. For instance this ad is relevant in the back-to-school periods or any other family-oriented period during the year. It also works in neighbouring Algeria, where the product is number one in the cheese category.


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