What African Millennials Want: in Bujumbura Burundi

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 8, 2016
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In this section, I normally explore how millennials through their digital prowess, high-energy entrepreneurship, insatiable hunger for innovation, extraordinary sense of navigation in both the informal networks and the corporate world are contributing to meeting the needs or changing the experience of today’s consumers across Africa. So in this third installment, I was on my way to introduce another proven and tested entrepreneur, influencer, innovator, but then I met Ange.

Ange Irankunda hails from Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi. She has just finished her studies in financial banking and was thinking with no hurry about what’s next in her journey. Burundi is a small country, so professional career options are relatively predictable. Then, she received a phone call from nowhere.

Ange has been selected to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders. Launched by President Obama, the program aims at supporting and empowering future African leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators.  Ange is among 1000 selected fellows who will during 6 weeks on the American soil receive academic courses and leadership training and benefit from multiple networking opportunities. At some point during the program, the fellows will even meet with President Obama.

In addition to the program above, Ange has been selected as one of 100 fellows who will participate in a Professional Development Experience. That’s another six week for an internship at a US-based company, organisation or agency.

I was also impressed by what Ange has actually in mind for her future: she wants to be a farmer! I thought she was joking, she said “I am serious“. Organic, high quality, social change, consumer interests, economic development, sustainability are the areas she wants to commit herself to when she returns to Africa.

Ange’s endeavours and ambitions are truly fascinating. I look forward to offering you again tickets to more leadership and entrepreneurship stories as they unfold.


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