What African Millennials Want: in Jo’burg South Africa

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | May 27, 2016
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Maria McCloy is a fashion designer who creates Africa inspired accessories, such as shoes, bracelets and necklaces. Her shoes, clutches and jewellery pieces are brought to life by her creative team who operate in Johannesburg. I met her 10+ years ago and followed her since as she made her progression in South Africa’s urban culture, wearing many hats and developing her network in a variety of sectors from journalism and public relations to the music industry and fashion.

“Why copy Europe or America when we have all this amazingness here” is a statement she made as a speaker at a recent conference about entrepreneurship. I take it that she has a broad vision touching art, music, cinema, fashion, and interior design in which aesthetics is original, capturing the essence and diversity of African cultures.

Having attracted international attention, among which a feature in CNN’s Inside Africa show, Maria is well positioned to develop her influence, capabilities and outreach as I see ethnic design, original creations, ethical fashion making headlines in the mainstream press and accessing the global fashion marketplace.

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