Why Africans Don’t Spend at Malls: Three Reasons

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | August 24, 2017
african consumer mall patrick gaincko

Kenya will have 72 malls and Morocco about 40 in just a few years! If there are just a handful of places on earth, where malls are set for growth, then Africa is among them.

In what many observers call the “mall craze”, almost every capital city has or will have numerous of mega-malls and secondary cities are now planning to host malls.

The African consumer story is too big to miss: galvanized by Africa’s macro-economics, brands, retailers and developers favour a build-first-ask-questions-later approach.

There is just one problem: where are the shoppers?

A finding of my field-research in South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, and DR Congo, is that there are at least three reasons why Africans don’t fall in love with huge shiny malls at every corner.

Read my new piece ‘3 Reasons Why Africans Don’t Spend at Malls: a Lesson for Winning Consumers’ here.


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