How Confident are Young Africans about 2017

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | January 17, 2017
young african consumers

70% of Africa’s population is less than 30 years old: this is the youngest continent! More than 50% of all Africans over the age of 15 own at least one mobile phone. 75% of Africans don’t have a bank account. 75% use internet every single day.

The young and urban is part of most of The African Consumer Trends 2017 that I present at the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam the Netherlands this Friday 20 of January for the Southern African Chamber of Commerce (SANEC) and the Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC).

A trend I discuss is the Post Call Era where Africans want to maximize their cells, use it for so many things beyond just calls. This opens great opportunities for local and global innovators, investors, product designers and project managers.

From Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya to Ethiopia, DR Congo, South Africa, I take you into my field explorations and in-depth analyses of how Africans feel, what they want, how they spend.
I provide real-world examples, keys to opportunities and exclusive insights.

More event info:

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