Exploring Couples’ Decisions, Johannesburg South Africa

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 30, 2017
family shopping south africa gaincko

family shopping south africa gaincko


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Moving to Africa for Work: What Costs and Benefits

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 22, 2017
work in africa patrick gaincko

Do you have international experience?

Increasingly, what those making a decision on your job-, grant- or funding application mean with this question is whether you have created tangible value during substantial professional time abroad and connected with people whose backgrounds and opinions differ wildly from your own. Adaptability, agility, problem-solving, resilience are highly demanded abilities by companies willing to compete and win in a uncertain, globalised, complex world.

But it has become extremely difficult for professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders to acquire or sharpen these qualities in post industrial, highly sophisticated, well oiled environments.

Consequently, just like elite athletes go to Kenyan hills to train with and learn from the world’s best runners, a growing number of professionals and entrepreneurs look at Africa as a key passage to join what a Harvard Business Review article calls the “global elite”.

Indeed, business-, career-, and learning opportunities in Africa have never been greater. But to materialize them, global professionals first need to ask themselves some hard questions.

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What’s Hustling as a Startup CEO in Brazzaville, Congo

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 18, 2017
work in africa patrick gaincko

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What’s Happening in Kinshasa Centre, DR Congo

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 14, 2017
Kinshasa DRC Patrick Gaincko

Kinshasa Congo Patrick Gaincko


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What’s Empowering Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Africa

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 11, 2017
Patrick Gaincko

Why do so many companies in Africa die young?

As I crisscross the Continent, I meet dozens of companies and entrepreneurs who say that it’s extremely hard to find funding and talent.

As they struggle to win trust, engagement, recognition from investors, employees, customers and other stakeholders; entrepreneurs add that the hardest-to-find capabilities are knowledge resources, technical assistance, sponsors and mentors.

Result: not feeling empowered, a huge number businesses fail within their first five years. Among those who survive, many chronically underperform. They see excellence and growth as impossible.

This is even more true for women entrepreneurs and leaders.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be a mentor and a speaker at the Sprinters 2017 in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria on July 31-August 6, 2017.

Sprinters is a global series of high productivity workshops that has the ambition to provide women entrepreneurs and leaders with keys to capital, networks and knowledge. I had to take their call.

With consumer insights, market intelligence, data-driven strategies, and an in-depth experience in navigating and doing business across Africa, I’ll be examining and validating business ideas, products, and projects.

I’ll be empowering entrepreneurs and leaders and enabling them to achieve excellence in complex environments.




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What’s Taking a Break From Business in Africa

Posted by Patrick Gaincko | July 4, 2017
Morocco Casablanca Patrick Gaincko

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